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Covering your account reports for the tax year

If you run a limited company, you probably know that you need to file your statutory accounts every year, but do you always have the time? Being the head of a company can take you away from your admin duties, so your annual accounts might suffer.

Don’t worry, though. We can sort this out for you. We have a handle on all of your HMRC filing deadlines, so we can prepare everything with time to spare.

Our accounting services cover:

  • annual accounts preparation
  • submission of accounts to Companies House
  • submission to HMRC, along with your tax return
  • advice on tax reliefs and allowances.

What’s included in your annual accounts?


Having a professional organise and submit reports on your accounts will provide you with a full breakdown of your fiscal year. Your reports are multi-faceted, made up of essential documents and annual totals, so no stone will be left unturned.

The first document to make up the basis of your accounts is your balance sheet. This will include your company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder equity. Your balance sheet will detail everything your company owns or owes on the last day of its accounting period. From there, we can look at your sales and running costs to create a profit and loss statement.

This all goes into a director’s report, which ensures we’re complying with accounting standards before we share it with Companies House and HMRC.

It’s essential that everyone involved in your company is on the same page, and a director’s report is a great way of keeping everyone on the same level. These reports can also be a useful resource for your company, so we’ll create detailed yet digestible reports for you and your shareholders.

Get a better picture of your business finances


Having up-to-date and regulated accounts can help with more than just your statutory filing requirements. Well-maintained books and accounts can make your annual self-assessment or corporation tax return relatively painless, as all the information you need will be readily available. It’s all about synergy.

By having us take over your annual accounts process, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be sent on schedule. This will leave you with more time on your hands to focus on your company, and a heightened awareness of your current financial position. We like to think of it as putting the power back into your hands.

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