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Bright accounting solutions for designers

As experienced accountants for creatives, we’ll bet that you didn’t go into your graphic design career to crunch numbers.

You should be out there drumming up new business and working on projects for your clients — but that’s easier said than done when you have a long list of accounting tasks to trawl through. So how can we help?

At Atreus Accountants, we work with graphic design freelancers and contractors across the UK, supporting them with everything from starting a new agency to helping it take off.


Accountants for creatives


Our extensive creative industry experience means we know how to tackle the common challenges you’ll face head-on.

If you find yourself short of money at certain times of the year, we’ll draw up in-depth cashflow forecasts so you can budget for the quieter months more easily.

A solid financial foundation can also help minimise the risk to your business if things don’t go as planned — for example if a project takes longer than expected or your clients don’t pay their invoices on time.

We know the tax system inside and out, so you won’t need to stress about missing return deadlines or overpaying your tax bill. It’s our job to save you money while ensuring you stay compliant.

Or if it’s funding you’re after, we’ll advise you on the best government grants and other investment opportunities to give your graphic design business a financial boost.

Our services for graphic designers include:

  • Tax return preparation and submission: we can manage all of your tax obligations for you so you can get back to changing the game with your graphic creations.
  • Payroll management: We’ll take on your payroll function for you to ensure your employees are paid on time, every time.
  • Bookkeeping services: We’ll keep a close eye on your business transactions and track the costs of individual projects so you know exactly how your business is performing.

Create space for your creativity


Think of us as your strategic business partner. We’ll handle the background stuff so you can focus on your craft instead of your books — and you might even have more time to start new projects.

As specialist accountant for creatives, we can ensure that the hard yards you put into your business pay off. Let’s take your agency to the next level.

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