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Accounting results that bring excitement

We’ve had some mind-blowing stories in our time operating. Bringing support to businesses throughout our community, giving them the tools they need to make their business thrive, and opening their eyes to what regular success looks like. Making the right kind of connections is vital for our future plans and ideas.

Hospitality industry

The challenge

Pub/ restaurant had been purely paper based, a lot of cash in hand, late with company filings and VAT returns. Causing stress to owners and needed to get to date/ know where everything was at.

The solution

Scrutinised through all paperwork, digitised it all and got late filings organised and liaised with HMRC and Companies House. In the meantime had new processed organised for digital accounting, along with training their team for everything to run smoothly and stress free.

Start up/e-commerce

The challenge

A “side hustle” had become surprisingly successful quickly. Client wasn’t sure of tax implications and what had to be done to cover themselves.

The solution

Discussed the situation with the client/ what they expected/ hoped for. Set up a Limited company for them, along with digital accounting software and e-commerce links to organise an easy/ flowing system, which has helped them grow markedly.

Motor Industry

The challenge

Client had a successful business, no plans of growth, just wanted it all to stay the same. MTD for VAT came about and this was a worry for him, didn’t want to learn new skills and didn’t have the time.

The solution

We took it all on. He kept working exactly the same and still does now, years after MTD for VAT. We collect the paperwork, organise and submit the VAT returns and inform him how the business is running regularly. He works exactly the same as he always has.


The challenge

Our client had found themselves going through a messy divorce and found themselves receiving constant letters from HMRC about tax owed. Finances and tax were something their partner would always deal with and were not aware of any of it.

The solution

We took the client on, spoke with HMRC to get all information to the client that was needed. Authorised to act on their behalf, found out the issues with previous tax years and explained the situation to HMRC and organised a plan in relation to this. Taking away the stress in a difficult time.

Let’s realise your vision

We’ve combined years of experience with an innovative mindset to create a set of truly dynamic services. Nothing is too much trouble at Atreus – this has given us the perfect foundation to keep clients both happy and hungry for the future success of their business. Running a company is hard – we know that first hand. But with great help and the right attitude, it’s a whole lot easier.

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Tax returns

We know that filing a tax return can be daunting, but we’ve got you.

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Don’t let the tax break your bond. Make sure you’re covered.

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Maximise your savings on Corporation Tax.

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